Secrets of a Seasoned Grocery Shopper


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Secrets of a seasoned grocery shopper


My passion for grocery shopping began early on in my childhood. Every weekend, I was jumping in the backseat of my dad's truck to "make groceries", as my grandma would say. I remember the aisles were filled with endless options, food samples, coupons, and special moments I shared with my parents. Now, with two nutrition based degrees, a registered dietitian certification and many successful grocery store trips, I've decided to share my secrets to help you shop for healthy yet delicious foods as well as saving time and money at the store. 

When you walk into a grocery store, there a million options available and it can be a bit overwhelming but it doesn't have to be. The game of grocery shopping has changed, but it should not intimidate you! This ebook will navigate you down the aisle and assist you in purchasing the right products for your household as well as saving time and money at the store. You will learn food safety tips, creating a grocery list, budgeting, reading and understanding food labels and much more. I'm spilling all my secrets to help you become the ultimate consumer, figuratively and physically. Let's shop!